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Balancing Work and Family

August 16, 2015 By Karen Belote

Physician careers are stressful. Locum tenens jobs can help, but it takes more to strike the right balance.

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Make these six changes to build your best-ever CV

April 23, 2015 By Carly Bailey

A quick clean-up of your CV can ease the job of a recruiter and help you find your next locum position. See our advice.

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Nip Physician Burnout in the Bud

March 28, 2013 By Carly Bailey

Half of all MDs may suffer from symptoms of burnout, but simple preventive steps can help, say experts.

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Physician Burnout: Toxic, yet treatable

March 21, 2013 By Carly Bailey

Doctor heal thyself? Research shows that physicians may be more susceptible to burnout than other professions. Learn the signs and symptoms.

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In-Flight Angels: Responding to Mid-Air Medical Emergencies

February 19, 2013 By Carly Bailey

Are you prepared to aid a fellow passenger during a mid-flight emergency? Many physicians have done just that and offer these helpful tips for providing care in the air.

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CME, clinical updates and contests from our partners at QuantiaMD (requires registration)

MRSA: Strains, Mortality, Prevention

Donald P. Levine, MD

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The mortality rate associated with MRSA is significantly higher than other bactaerimia. Dr. Levine discusses the burden of MRSA, its treatment, and reviews key prevention techniques.