Physician Referral Bonus-- Up to $2,000 per Referral

Physician and Advanced Practice Referral ProgramDo you know a stellar physician or advanced practitioner who exemplifies the tenets of the Hippocratic oath? 

If so, we've got a great referral bonus program that will give you up to $2,000 per referral. Show them you recognize their tenacity and contribution to medicine by telling us all about them.

Our experienced recruiters will help them take the next step in their career, providing a concierge recruitment experience that will put them in the location and type of facility that best suits their specific lifestyle. 

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The purpose of the Referral Bonus Program (the “Program”) is for Locum Leaders, LLC (“Locum Leaders”) to receive referrals (“Referral”) of physicians and clinicians (“Candidate(s)”). In exchange, once the terms and conditions herein are fulfilled, Locum Leaders will pay the referring party (“Referring Party”) the referral bonus (“Bonus”) according to the Candidate’s position, as outlined below.

Referral Bonus Eligibility

Eligible Candidate: To be eligible for a Bonus, the Candidate referred by the Referring Party must not have been presented by Locum Leaders to any facility for any locum tenens assignment within the past 12 months. Candidates who have been presented by Locum Leaders to any facility for any locum tenens assignments within the last 12 months will be considered an active and current Locum Leaders physician or clinician and ineligible for Referring Party’s submission for the Bonus.

Qualifying Assignment: The Referring Party will earn a Bonus for each Referral made, from which the Candidate works 20 days or more (or 160 hours, whichever comes first) on assignment with Locum Leaders and meets all contract requirements during those days worked (“Qualifying Assignment”). The 20 days (or 160 hours) worked can be worked over multiple assignments as long as the 1st day and the 20th day (or 1st hour and 160th hour) worked are completed within one year of the date of Referral.

By referring a Candidate, the Referring Party certifies that the Referral and receipt of any Bonus for such Referral does not violate any applicable employment obligations to which the Referring Party is subject.

Corporate employees of AMN Healthcare, Inc. and its affiliates and subsidiaries are not eligible to participate in this Program.

Candidate Referral Process

The Referring Party will be credited for Referrals if either:

The Referring Party completes the online referral form before the Candidate is presented by Locum Leaders to a healthcare facility, AND the Candidate confirms the Referral from the Referring Party, or

Prior to being presented by Locum Leaders to a healthcare facility, the Candidate informs Locum Leaders that the Referring Party made the Referral between Candidate and Locum Leaders.

In the event a Candidate has been referred by multiple Referring Parties, the Candidate must determine in writing the sole Referring Party to whom a Bonus is paid.

Once a Candidate’s Referring Party is confirmed, the Candidate is ineligible for a Referral by a different Referring Party.

Referral Bonus Payment

In order to receive a Bonus, the Referring Party must provide Locum Leaders with a valid W-9 and current contact information within 30 days of the completion of the Candidate’s Qualifying Assignment.

Bonus requests will be submitted for processing within 60 days of Candidate’s 20th day/160th hour of work with Locum Leaders.

Any and all applicable federal, state and local taxes are the Referring Party’s responsibility, in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. The value of the Bonus will be reported on the applicable IRS form (1099-MISC).


Bonuses may be paid via EFT or check, at Locum Leaders’s discretion.

In case of “reciprocal introductions” wherein a Referring Party and a Candidate serve dual roles in relation to each other, a one-half Bonus will be paid to each Referring Party for a total payment equivalent to the total amount of both Bonuses.

The Bonus amount for a physician (MD/DO) Candidate is $2,000; the Bonus amount for a nurse practitioner/physician assistant Candidate is $1,000.

Locum Leaders reserves the right to disqualify a Referring Party for violations of these Terms and Conditions or for fraud, at Locum Leaders’s sole discretion.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, neither Locum Leaders not its affiliates will be liable for damages arising out of or in connection with this offer. This is a comprehensive limitation of liability that applied to all damages of any kind, including (without limitation) compensatory, direct, indirect, or consequential damages; loss of data, income, or profit; loss of or damage to property; and claims of third parties.

By referring a Candidate to Locum Leaders, the Referring Party certifies that the Referring Party is NOT currently a government employee or active military.

There is no limit to the number of Referrals that a Referring Party can make or Bonuses a Referring Party can earn, subject to meeting all eligibility requirements, including but not limited to the Candidates’ completion of the Qualifying Assignments.

When providing a Referral, no stipulations as to where a Candidate must work or must not work are allowed.

Locum Leaders reserves the right to change the Program Terms and Conditions and/or end the Program at any time without notice.

863 jobs found

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    State: Georgia
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    State: Washington
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  • (PCP - FP) Locum Tenens

    City: Oshkosh
    State: Wisconsin
    Job Id#: 88299
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    City: Antioch
    State: Tennessee
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  • (Psych) Locum Tenens

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    State: Arizona
    Job Id#: 83901
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    State: Indiana
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    State: Texas
    Job Id#: 85035
  • Immediate Need for Emergency Physician

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    State: Utah
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    State: Texas
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    State: Minnesota
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