Back Interview: Susan Salka Discusses Healthcare Workforce Management, Physician Recruitment & More

Interview: Susan Salka Discusses Healthcare Workforce Management, Physician Recruitment & More

Susan Salka, CEO of AMN Healthcare — Locum Leaders' parent company and the nation's leading provider of healthcare staffing services — recently spoke with Becker's Hospital Review about a wide-ranging variety of topics confronting healthcare leaders today.

A revered source of information for healthcare industry leaders, Becker's is the ideal venue for topics such as how to effectively recruit new clinicians, and how to keep a healthcare workforce engaged. We encourage you to check out the whole article here; what follows are some of the highlights. And don't forget to follow Susan Salka's Twitter feed for more insight into healthcare leadership!

Susan Salka on Healthcare Workforce Management

"Ultimately, the quality of patient care is at stake" with a disengaged workforce, Ms. Salka told Becker's. "Patient and family satisfaction — as well as brand reputation — are also on the line, and now there are greater financial implications tied to outcomes and satisfaction. Secondary implications include attrition, or worse yet, people who stay but no longer contribute. High attrition and lower productivity result in higher costs, as turnover increases the cost of recruitment."

Susan Salka on Physician Recruitment

"Baseline of experience is always important, particularly in this environment," Ms. Salka explains. "You must have relevant experience and a good track record. However, what is far more important to your success and long-term career is an aptitude for learning, critical thinking, attitude, behavior and willingness to put in effort.

"For clinicians, having a strong emotional IQ is very important, as well as for any leader or anyone at all who interacts with internal and external customers. Having a strong EQ means you are able to adapt your approach and communication style to the individual you are communicating with while truly empathizing and seeing their point of view."

Susan Salka on Mentorship and Sponsorship

"While mentorship can be very helpful for talking through what's happening in someone's professional life, I believe sponsorship is more impactful," she explains. "I look for opportunities to help individuals really stretch themselves beyond what they would normally feel comfortable doing. I had the opportunity to step into new roles and try new things because a few people believed in me. They pushed me and opened doors that otherwise wouldn't have been opened to me. As a leader now, I look for opportunities to sponsor young women to open up doors for them and be their advocate."

Susan Salka on Gender Equality in Healthcare Leadership

"There needs to be more public dialogue and exposure on the issue to force leaders within the industry to pay attention" to the issue of gender equality, Ms. Salka says. "The more you do this, the more you will see some level of movement.

"Boards and trustees also need to get involved and make sure they understand what the diversity levels are within the organizations they oversee. It's not the board's job to micromanage, but it is their job to make sure management is paying attention and has the right perspective on gender equality. Often, the drive to make change permeates from the top. Leaders running an organization should be seeking to improve gender and ethnic diversity so they are more reflective of their workforce and the patients they care for.

"Finally, it is so important to encourage women at younger levels. We as a country and as individuals and companies must do all we can to encourage young girls in elementary school, high school and college to show them what's possible. It takes a young girl seeing and meeting with other women that are doing things beyond what they thought were possible to be encouraged."


The Advantages of Partnering with AMN Healthcare

"Unlike many other workforce solutions and staffing providers, AMN Healthcare focuses exclusively on healthcare," writes the article's author, Tamara Rosin.

"Our workforce solutions are all about being a more strategic partner and recognizing our clients are going through a tremendous amount of transformation," Ms. Salka adds. "We help them think about how to run the organization from a quality of care and cost-containment perspective, and provide advisory, leadership and other workforce solutions that help them in various ways."

Of course, Locum Leaders plays a central role in AMN's lineup as a specialty locum tenens staffing provider specializing on premium, one-on-one relationships with our healthcare clients. If you're seeking locums staffing and recruitment services, we invite you to reach out to us today to discuss how we can help you take your staffing plan to the next level.

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