Back Benefits of Locum Tenens Assignments in Rural Areas

Benefits of Locum Tenens Assignments in Rural Areas

When choosing your next locum tenens assignment, you may want to consider the benefits of working in rural environments. While the big city certainly has appeal, a closer look at suburban and rural life shows a plethora of benefits, as well, particularly to physicians and clinicians working temporary and locum tenens assignments.

According to the American Medical Association, one-fifth of the United States population lives in non-metropolitan areas; however, less than 11 percent of the nation’s physicians practice in these areas.¹ The ongoing physician shortage has led many licensed physicians to practice in large cities and urban areas.

Why Work Rural Locum Tenens Assignments?

  • Mid-size and rural areas often offer better salaries to attract higher-quality candidates.
  • A lower cost of land and housing means you enjoy a substantially lower cost of living in most rural and suburban areas.
  • Tired of long commutes from your home? In non-metropolitan areas, the average commute is substantially shorter.
  • Non-urban areas often boast lower crime rates and safer communities.
  • Afraid you’ll miss the bustling city? It’s not uncommon for travel times from rural to urban areas to be less than an hour.

Many physicians and clinicians find working in rural areas more fulfilling. You’ll have the opportunity to help patients who are in more desperate need of care in rural areas; it’s also common for more severe cases and a broader array of conditions to exist in rural areas than in metropolitan centers. Doctors also enjoy the opportunity to develop a long-term relationship with their patients in non-urban areas.

The rural areas of America are being hit hardest by the nationwide physician shortage. If you are considering relocating to a non-metropolitan area or are interested in locums opportunities in areas near your urban home, contact us today at (877) 562-8656 to begin working with one of our dedicated physician recruiters.

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¹ American Medical Association, Physician Characteristics and Distribution in the US, 1996-1997. Chicago, IL: American Medical Association, 1997

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