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Understanding Medical Technology

The medical field is quickly becoming increasingly dependent on technology to assist in records management, business, finance, and other day-to-day operations. Working in medicine today means understanding new technology, and being able to apply it effectively and confidently.

At Locum Leaders, we strive to make today’s necessary technology for doctors and clinicians accessible and understandable. To this end, we’ve compiled a list of tech info and tips to help you navigate this important aspect of your medical career.

Medical Technology for Doctors: EMR

Advanced electronic medical records (EMR) systems are a fact of today’s health care industry. For decades, EMR systems have been widely adopted in medical facilities throughout the country to improve the patient experience and facilitate the physician’s needs, as well as meet certain government requirements.

Social Media for Physicians and Clinicians

As with just about every other conceivable industry, the medical industry has embraced leading social media platforms for communicating. This involves the professional career-building services of LinkedIn, which provide health care professionals with not just networking opportunities, but an actual forum for like-minded professionals to discuss topics of shared interest. That kind of information sharing can help in day-to-day problem solving as well as evolving shared treatment best practices.

AMN Healthcare’s 2013 Use of Social Media and Mobile by Healthcare Professionals Survey found, among other helpful data, that 31 percent of healthcare professionals used social media for professional networking, and that 60 percent had worked to enhance their social profile over the past year. Read more of the survey’s findings here.

Physicians and Mobile Technology

The proliferation of smartphones, tablets and other portable communications technology over the past decade has given every professional — including health care professionals — access to what’s virtually a personal digital assistant.

Smartphones and tablets give you the ability to check email and access the Internet easily from your phone. Some even offer more advanced software to help you in their day-to-day activities. Check the app store on your cell phone for services related to your medical specialty.

Smartphones also offer voice-recognition technology that lets physicians to dictate chart notes, letters, and other necessary documents in their office easily and effectively without the need for transcriptions. And today’s medicine-related software programs often include access to comprehensive libraries and encyclopedia of knowledge, including libraries with comprehensive medical spell-check library that can integrate in to most word processing applications.

Finally, your smartphone or tablet is likely to offer an ebook application that lets you download almost any book electronically to your device. Whether it’s ongoing research or personal inspiration, having a library of hundreds of books in your back pocket can be a powerful tool.

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