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The Interstate Medical Licensure Compact

Now Waiting in a State Near You

It's an exciting time for physicians just like you. As the need for doctors in all specialties continues to grow, the new Interstate Medical Licensure Compact makes it much easier to become licensed and work in a variety of states—in as little as two weeks. Access a video on the new physician compact by clicking on the image below.

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Here's How the Physician Compact Works

Currently, there are 20 states in the physician compact, but other states are in the process of joining. Once you become licensed in one of the states who are part of the compact, you can easily become licensed in the other members of the IMLC. When you're ready to cross state lines and work as a physician in another state, you can do so in as little as two weeks, hence avoiding the lengthy licensing process that can take up to a year in some locations.“

Locum Leaders is Here to Help

The recruiters at Locum Leaders are ready to help you take the next step to the interstate medical license. In addition, you may be eligible to have our team cover the cost of your application fee and license.

While there are 19 states in the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, only 8 are currently taking applications, including Alabama, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming and Washington state.

To get started on your license in any of these states, contact us from the link below to learn the parameters of the physician compact. Doing so will help you be ahead of the curve when the other states (see all states below) in the compact begin accepting applications.


What States are Part of the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact?

Ready to make a move? Excited about the future of a license that gives you the freedom to cross state lines and work in all parts of the country? Great, take some time to search for jobs in the current members of the physician compact so you'll be ready to discuss the states that are most appealing to you and your career. 

The following states are part of the Physician Compact (not all are accepting applications)