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Our 10 Most-Read Healthcare Articles of 2018

Did you catch the biggest stories and career tips in healthcare this year? As part of our commitment to supporting healthcare providers, the Locum Leaders team talks to industry leaders about key topics and reports on important healthcare news in our Locum Leaders Blog.

Throughout 2018, there were a number of subjects that resonated with our readers—from practitioner salaries and the best places to practice medicine to patient communication techniques and emerging trends in medicine. In case you missed any, here is the list of our most-read healthcare articles of the year-just click on the title to read more.

Our 10 Top Healthcare Articles of the Year

1.  Locum Tenens Salary Guide: 3 Important Considerations

This key article, updated for 2018, looks at the main variables that affect your locum tenens salary, and how practitioners can expect to be compensated for part-time and full-time locum assignments.

2. 8 Top Healthcare Trends for 2018

At the beginning of 2018, Locum Leaders spoke to some industry experts about healthcare’s transition toward better care and less expense, driven by regulatory realities and patient demands. See how healthcare consumerism, data-driven care, artificial intelligence and other trends were expected to affect clinicians this year.

3. The Top 5 States for Primary Care Pay

Primary care physician compensation varies across the U.S., depending on geographic location, practice setting and specialty—and some of the smallest states are paying the biggest salaries. Discover the top paying states for family physicians, internists and pediatricians.

4. How to Tell If a Patient Is Faking Pain

Physicians and advanced practitioners are often asked for medications to help the pain go away, but prescribers can’t always trust what they hear. Watch for these red flags from drug-seeking patients who are faking pain, and discover different treatment options and resources from pain management experts.

The 10 Best States for Doctors

What are the best states for doctors? The top rankings on WalletHub’s 2018 list might surprise you. Discover where physicians can find prime opportunities and practice environments, plus other factors that can help you choose the best places to practice medicine.

6. The Benefits of Physician Assistant Travel Jobs

Physician assistant travel jobs offer a number of advantages for practitioners, while filling a temporary staffing need at physician practices and hospitals across the country. Discover how this locum tenens option can advance your PA career and enhance your lifestyle.

7. The Most Difficult to Diagnose Autoimmune Diseases

Doctors often miss the diagnosis for autoimmune diseases, and some patients search for years to find answers. Learn how to improve diagnoses by recognizing autoimmune disease symptoms, asking the right questions and collaborating with the most appropriate specialists.

8. When to Break Doctor–Patient Confidentiality

The premise of doctor–patient confidentiality encourages patients to seek treatment and share very private information in order to be diagnosed and treated; that relationship of trust is vital. Yet medical ethics and state laws outline when a practitioner needs to divulge patient information.

9. Delivering Bad News to a Patient: 5 Best Practices

Physicians often have the difficult task of delivering bad news to patients. Whether it’s a terminal diagnosis, a risky procedure or a long road to recovery, these tips can help improve communication and help practitioners support their patients during the most difficult times.

10. 10 Unusual Nurse Practitioner Jobs

Nurse practitioners can be found in nearly every healthcare setting, but some of their jobs are more unique than others. Check out some of the more unusual places you’ll find NP jobs, and see how these clinicians are making a difference.

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