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5 Reasons to Consider Full-time Locum Tenens

By Melissa Wirkus Hagstrom, contributor 

Many practitioners work part-time locum tenens assignments in conjunction with their full-time work, but there are also many benefits to think about when choosing to work full-time locum tenens. 

Not only is full-time locum tenens work a sustainable career choice, but the competitive compensation, paid travel, and the freedom and flexibility of this lifestyle offers several advantages over running a practice or being employed on a permanent basis.

Isn’t locum tenens a bit untraditional?

Part-time and full-time locum tenens jobs are temporary assignments for physicians, advance practice nurses and physician assistants. While they may seem untraditional to some, they have actually become a common choice for practitioners during various stages of their careers. 

Locum tenens are similar to independent contractors in other industries. A recent Intuit study estimated that 24 percent of the U.S. workforce is made up of independent contractors, and that number could rise to 40 percent by 2020. 

So what is causing so many people to consider these types of independent careers, such as full-time locum tenens? Here are just a few of the many locum perks and benefits contributing to this shift in healthcare employment.

5 reasons to choose full-time locum tenens work:

  1. Enjoy flexibility—with a schedule and location you choose 

    With full-time locum tenens assignments, you can decide when and where you want to work. 

    Are you an adventurous professional looking to take a significant chunk of time off during the year to travel and explore? If so, full-time locum tenens may be for you. With this career choice, you can book back-to-back contracts or take time off in-between to travel wherever your heart desires. 

    Whether you are just starting to build your medical career or are a late-career empty-nester, full-time locum tenens gives you the “opportunity of choice.” 

    Consider taking an assignment for a few months to be near your kids, parents or extended family. Or, choose to get away for a solo adventure—or with your spouse and family. The freedom that comes with a locum tenens career is truly unparalleled. 

  2. Expand your clinical skills at diverse facilities

    By providing coverage for different types of practices and facilities as a full-time locum tenens, you will be able to expand your clinical skills and experience more than if you simply maintain a permanent position at one location.

    Exposure to new technologies, processes and patient care protocols will undoubtedly help you uncover new skills and take your practice to the next level. Emerging and important tech developments like EMRs and robotics make locum tenens an attractive choice for clinicians looking to stay on the cutting-edge of their medical specialty.

  3. See the country during and between full-time locum tenens assignments

    There are few things more rewarding than the freedom and sense of adventure that comes from exploring some of the most intriguing locations in the country. Whether you choose full-time locum tenens jobs in big cities, or in rural, underserved communities, you’re sure to discover something new and exciting.

    Locum tenens and other healthcare travelers are among the few professionals who have the chance to work and explore simultaneously. Not only can you plan some great road trips, but just think of all you can see and do on your days off!

    Whether you’ve had dreams of eating your way through our nation’s most popular foodie destinations or you’re a competitive athlete eager to test yourself in new venues—or even learn new sports—full-time locum tenens could be the way to fulfill those dreams. 

  4. Earn great pay in full time locum tenens jobs

    Full-time locum tenens jobs are available at hospitals, medical practices and outpatient facilities across the country. While your contracted compensation will depend on practice type and location, as well as your own qualifications, locum tenens salaries as a whole tend to be very competitive. 

    Physicians and advanced practitioners can make an excellent wage as a full-time locum tenens. The practices and hospitals that engage locum tenens are doing so because they want to preserve their level of patient care during times of staff illness, extended time off, census fluctuations or other situations--and they are willing to pay top dollar for your skill set. 

    Whether you are a physician, physician’s assistant or a nurse practitioner, locum tenens can give you the salary and benefits you are seeking.

  5. Enjoy paid travel, free housing & other perks 

    As a full-time locum tenens practitioner, your major expenses are covered as part of your contract—including your housing, travel and relocation expenses. 

    Locum Leaders will place you in an apartment, hotel or rental house, depending on the length and location of your assignment. Some contracts may also provide a rental car and other perks.

    Locum Leaders will also coordinate your state licensing and credentialing, while covering liability insurance and other fees for our full-time locum tenens professionals. 

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