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7 Reasons to Consider Locum Tenens in 2020

New year, new decade…new you?  If you have been looking for something different in your career or your lifestyle, this might be the year to consider locum tenens. It is a unique opportunity to continue caring for patients while traveling to new places to work short-term assignments. Or it may involve jobs close to home. 

Locum tenens jobs can provide an entirely new perspective on work–life balance, allowing you to grow both personally and professionally. They can even open up new doors in your career. 

In fact, there are several reasons to consider this unique practice model for yourself in 2020.

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7 reasons to try locum tenens this year:

1. Gain more career flexibility

After years of intense schooling, training and real-life experience, physicians and other medical professionals may get to a point where they find themselves locked in to a particular organization or schedule. While stability can be a good thing, clinicians don’t need to keep working in a place if they feel stuck, burned out or devoid of options. 

Locum tenens can be a welcome break if you’re ready to change your routine and take advantage of the flexibility to choose when and where you work. You get to choose each assignment carefully, with the help of a recruiter, allowing you to find contracts that work best for your personal and professional needs.

2. Take advantage of the growing demand for locum clinicians

Healthcare providers are in short supply throughout the U.S., with some markets and specialty practices experiencing greater staffing shortages than others. In these cases, organizations are turning to locum tenens agencies like Locum Leaders to solve their staffing issues, ensure continuity of care and generate a steady stream of revenue.

This increasing demand has led to more assignment choices for locum practitioners, with a rosy year predicted for locum jobseekers in 2020.

3. Earn extra income

Looking to pay off your medical school loans, build a retirement nest egg, or save for a major purchase like a home? Locum tenens work can help you achieve your financial goals, in the form of either part-time of full-time assignments. 

A part-time locum job may involve working extra shifts at a local hospital or clinic on your days off, adding to your regular salary. Full-time locum assignments usually involve a longer commute or a travel position that includes free housing and more reimbursements for travel expenses, plus the opportunity for overtime pay. Both types of assignments offer competitive hourly pay that is often higher than the salary rates for permanent positions. 

4.Satisfy your wanderlust with a travel adventure

The chance to travel is one of the main reasons people try locum tenens, which offers numerous choices for new states and places to practice medicine. Have you always wanted to visit the Rocky Mountains, or the West Coast, or perhaps New England or The Big Apple? You don’t have to wait for retirement or an extended vacation.

Working locums means you can check locations off your bucket list or let yourself be surprised by a destination you never would have imagined. Meanwhile, your locum tenens agency will handle the logistics, cover your travel expenses and set you up with free accommodations.

5.Enhance your resume/CV with new experiences

Working with different health systems and facilities can offer a great boost for your medical career. Whether you work locum assignments at top research and teaching facilities, community clinics or rural hospitals, you’ll be able to broaden your skill set and learn new best practices.

Those who try locum tenens jobs have the opportunity to work for multiple employers, learn from new mentors, care for new patient populations, train on different equipment and add more varied work experience than practitioners who stay in the same job year after year. 

6.Transition to another phase in your career

The flexibility of locum tenens can make it the perfect fit at various times in your career. New physicians can use locum jobs to provide work experience while waiting for the right long-term opportunity to open up; practitioners in mid-career can use locums to continue earning income between permanent positions; and clinicians near retirement can use locum jobs as a transitional step between full-time practice and retirement.

Many practitioners also use locum tenens work to try out a new community or employer before making a permanent move. 

7. Get closer to family and friends

Are you finding yourself a bit homesick? Or perhaps you’re an empty nester, distant grandparent, or child of an aging parent who needs some assistance? Locum assignments might be just the answer to help you reconnect and live closer to your loved ones for an extended period of time. 

The locum lifestyle can also allow you to take your spouse or other loved ones along on your adventure—wherever you choose—creating lasting memories from your shared travel experiences. 

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