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The Top 5 Places That Need Locum Tenens

By Melissa Wirkus Hagstrom, contributor

From the West Coast to New England, and everywhere in between, the demand for locum tenens has never been greater. The COVID-19 pandemic combined with flu season has put a tremendous strain on our nation’s healthcare system. Physicians and other clinicians are overworked and feeling the impact of months of frontline work battling the pandemic. 

It is times like these when locum tenens providers can be utilized to relieve some of the strain. 

But what states need locum tenens assistance the most? The team at Locum Leaders is reporting the following states among the hottest spots for locum tenens in demand, with plenty of locum assignments to choose from:

5 top states where locum tenens are in demand

  1. New York
    As of mid-December, New York State had logged almost 900,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, and was one of the first “hot spots” hit hardest by the pandemic last spring. Cases are climbing once again, and many hospitals are in dire need of assistance. Locum tenens assignments in New York may allow providers to travel locally to many nearby hospitals throughout the area. In fact, the New York City metro area is home to more than 65 hospitals, and the state has over 200. 

    According to an official tweet from the City of New York (@nycgov), New Yorkers are getting vaccinated at twice the rate of the national average, which is music to the ears of physicians and other locum tenens professionals who might work there. The city rolled out a new public service campaign that is educating the public on facts about the vaccine and how it is safe, effective and free. 
  1. California
    The need for locum tenens as we end 2020 and start 2021 is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, and California is one of the hottest spots for temporary physicians to use their skills and experience to help ease the burden. As of mid-December, California had reached almost 2 million COVID-19 cases, and many hospitals are running out of room and being forced to create makeshift ICU wards in parking lots. 

    Locum Leaders has a variety of locum positions available throughout the Golden State. Whether you are a hospitalist, CRNA, or emergency room physician, there are locum tenens jobs in California for you. There is tremendous opportunity, from the bustling cities of San Francisco and Sacramento in Northern California all the way down to Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. 
  1. Louisiana 
    The Pelican State is no stranger to disaster and emergency, and right now, locum tenens physicians and advanced practitioners are needed in big cities like New Orleans as well as rural parishes. According to the Louisiana Department of Public Health, “the CDC, as well as the Office of Public Health, have been proactively preparing for the introduction of this virus since it was first identified in China earlier this year.” Hospitals and clinics throughout the state are working their hardest to fight the pandemic, and locum tenens providers can lend a hand by taking a locum assignment in Louisiana.
  1. Texas
    From the Dallas-Fort Worth area and on over to Houston, the Lone Star State is known for its excellent network of award-winning hospitals and medical facilities. If you are looking to expand your clinical skills and experience at a teaching hospital or other notable facility, a locum tenens assignment in Texas could be a great fit.

    Locum Leaders currently has dozens of positions available across the state, and physicians in a variety of specialties can find assignments in places like San Antonio, Lubbock, El Paso, and many other towns.  
  1. Pennsylvania
    With its rich history, thriving medical community and great location, it is no wonder that Pennsylvania is consistently listed as one of the best states to take a locum tenens assignment. And for locum tenens looking forward to 2021, there are many opportunities, including jobs in psychiatry, cardiology and emergency room medicine.

    With close to 250 licensed hospitals throughout the state, locum tenens in Pennsylvania can choose from many types of settings to leverage their skill set and help out during this unprecedented time.

Working with a medical temp agency 

If you are thinking about taking your career in the direction of locum tenens, we invite you to research locum staffing agencies and connect with a recruitment partner at Locum Leaders to learn more about the many opportunities and services we have available. If you didn’t see your favorite location on this list, chances are we have something that will fit your needs. Connect with us today!

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