Back The Top Health Care News of 2019 for Locum Practitioners

The Top Health Care News of 2019 for Locum Practitioners

Did you catch the biggest health care news and career tips for locum providers this year? As part of our commitment to supporting physicians and advanced practitioners, the Locum Leaders team talks to industry leaders about key topics and reports on important medical news in our Locum Leaders Blog.

The range of subjects that were most popular with our readers in 2019 included salary trends across dozens of specialties and the best reasons to be a nurse practitioner to changing GME requirements and a personal look at working as a locum. 

In case you missed any of these blog posts, here is the list of our most-read health care news and features of the year. 

Our Most-Read Blogs of 2019

The Employment Outlook in Anesthesiology for 2019

Are anesthesiology jobs expected to remain on a healthy path? Industry leaders look at a variety of factors impacting the job market for anesthesiologists and CRNAs, including both permanent and locum positions.

Physician Compensation by Specialty: 2019 vs. 2018

What difference does a year make when it comes to physician salaries and overall compensation? It depends on your area of specialty, according to the latest Medscape Physician Compensation Survey, released in 2019.  This article highlights the average salaries of nearly 30 physician specialties and compares each to the previous year. 

California Raising GME Requirements for Physician Licensure

Obtaining a medical or osteopathic license in California could take a little longer, starting in 2020, when the state will require three years of graduate medical education from an approved program for full licensure. See how this health care news affects current and future physicians who want to practice in the Golden State.

Where You'll Find the Most Locum Tenens Jobs

Locum tenens can work anywhere that permanent practitioners do, and they fill in where needed throughout the country. Yet, some areas and facilities have more opportunities for locum tenens jobs than others. A senior staffing consultant with Locum Leaders outlined the states and practice settings that are currently topping the list for the most locum jobs available.

The 9 Best Things About Being a Nurse Practitioner

Now is a great time to be a nurse practitioner, thanks to soaring demand across the U.S., job satisfaction and advances in practice authority laws. During National Nurse Practitioner Week in November, we highlighted nine of the best things about nurse practitioner jobs. See if you agree with our list.

Living Life and Saving Lives: What Locum Tenens Is All About

Working locum tenens assignments is like other physician jobs when it comes to putting patient care first, yet some aspects of locum work stand apart. In this personal story, one locum family medicine physician describes balancing life-saving work with her own lifestyle choices for a unique and rewarding career.

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