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Where You’ll Find the Most Locum Tenens Jobs

By Melissa Hagstrom, contributor

Where do locum tenens work? 

Locum tenens—defined as physicians or advanced practitioners who are “holding a place,” or working in a temporary position—can be found practicing from the sunny coastlines of California to the charming towns of New England, and everywhere in between. They might work in small rural practices, large urban clinics or any variety of hospitals.

In fact, locum tenens can work anywhere that permanent practitioners do, as they fill in where needed throughout the country.

Yet, some areas and facilities have more opportunities for locum tenens jobs than others, so we asked a locum staffing expert to share her insights.

Christe Schultheis, senior consultant with Locum Leaders, outlined the states and practice settings that are currently topping the list for the most locum jobs available.

Five top states for locum tenens jobs 

  1. California
    The Golden State is so large that opportunities can be found throughout the state, but Schultheis noted that some areas currently have more to offer than others. “We are seeing more needs in Central California--areas such as Modesto, Stockton, Sacramento and San Jose.”   

Find locum tenens jobs in California.

  1. Pennsylvania
    The Keystone State boasts a number of historical sites and family-friendly amenities, along with close proximity to New York. It also has a wealth of locum jobs available.  Pittsburgh is one of the more popular cities for locum tenens jobseekers. 

Find locum tenens jobs in Pennsylvania.

  1. Michigan 
    Michigan has been a hot bed for locum tenens work, and recruiters see consistent demand across this beautiful state--from the famous dunes along Lake Michigan, to the picturesque Traverse City and the Upper Peninsula, to the revitalized and happening city of Detroit. 

Find locum tenens jobs in Michigan.  

  1. Wisconsin
    Locum tenens work can be found throughout the Upper Midwest region, including the beautiful state of Wisconsin. Job openings can be found in the bigger cities such as Madison, Racine, Green Bay and Kenosha, as well as smaller communities like Milton and Stevens Point. 

 Find locum tenens jobs in Wisconsin.  

  1. Florida
    Always a stronghold for locum tenens jobs, The Sunshine State is expected to see even more opportunities in the coming months as snowbirds flock to the state during the late fall and winter, increasing demand for health care. Locums can enjoy beautiful beaches and a vast array of outdoor activities, up and down the state. 

Find locum tenens jobs in Florida.

Other states that consistently have a number of locum jobs available include Texas, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Indiana and many others. 

Schultheis explained that the best way to know what jobs are currently available is to connect with a recruiter, as he or she may know about some assignments that are not included in an agency’s online job search.  

Popular practice settings for locum tenens

Locum tenens usage continues to increase throughout the United States, with 94 percent of healthcare facility managers reporting the use of locum tenens in a recent industry survey1. This means that physicians and advanced practice providers can find temporary placements in a wide variety of practice settings. 

While hospital-based jobs are common, Schultheis explained that many of the company’s locum positions are not in the traditional hospital setting. “We have many openings in federally qualified health centers and/or clinics in rural settings,” she said, adding that jobs in urgent care clinics are also in high demand.

Locum Leaders works with all different types of physicians and advanced practitioners, with each recruitment team providing specialty expertise. For instance, Schultheis specializes in recruiting locum tenens for assignments in family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, occupational medicine and urgent care. Other teams focus on placements for hospitalists, emergency physicians, surgeons, anesthesiologists, CRNAs and other advanced practice providers, dentists, and many other specialties.

Tips for those considering locum tenens

Practitioners may hesitate to try locum tenens because getting licensed in a new state seems too complicated, but Schultheis urges locum candidates to take advantage of the licensing team at Locum Leaders for assistance. They help with all aspects of the process, and take care of credentialing, as well. The new Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC) can also streamline licensing for physicians who qualify in the nearly 30 states that participate in the compact.

In order to get the most out of the locum experience, Schultheis said that it is critical to keep an open mind and stay flexible when it comes to locum assignments. 

“I always educate my physicians on locum tenens as a whole and explain that locum tenens can be a bridge to get them to where they want to go,” she said. “I also always find out what their ‘hot button’ is—whether that be pay, location, practice setting—and find out what is most important.”

1Source: 2017 Survey of Temporary Physician Staffing Trends, by Staff Care/AMN Healthcare

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