The Advantages of Locum Tenens for Medical Professionals and Employers

Why Work Locum Tenens Jobs?

Looking for a new twist on work/life balance? Locum tenens are temporary and/or part-time physicians and clinicians who fill in when additional staff is needed. This unique lifestyle offers the freedom to choose your work environment and schedule, experience new places and take control of the next step in your career.


Advantages for Locum Tenens Physicians, NPs, CRNAs & PAs

Locum tenens jobs are available at hospitals, medical practices and outpatient facilities across the country. As a Locum Tenens professional, you:

  • Earn excellent income as a temporary or part-time physician/clinician
  • Maintain career continuity during periods of transition
  • Build experience in a variety of practice settings
  • Avoid the hassles of running your own medical practice
  • Use your skills and experience to meet a critical need'

  • The professional recruiters at Locum Leaders can match you with locum tenens jobs that fit your professional and personal goals. We’ll help you find the compensation you deserve, arrange travel and lodging, assist with relocation issues and cover some assignment-related expenses. Your benefits package also includes medical licensure services and malpractice insurance at no extra cost.  Start your locum tenens journey today.

    Why Employ Locum Tenens?

    As a healthcare employer, you need flexible staffing options and medical recruitment expertise—and that’s exactly where locum tenens staffing can help. Each year, more hospitals, clinics and medical practices are using temporary physicians and clinicians in their long-term plans to ensure optimal staffing and the highest levels of patient care

    Locum Leaders can help streamline your medical staffing plans and fill your needs for locum tenens physicians, nurse practitioners (NPs), nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) and locum tenens physician assistants (PAs).

    Advantages of Locum Tenens Staffing

    Employing locum tenens physicians and clinicians allows you to improve job satisfaction for your permanent staff, maintain your patient base and preserve continuity of care as you:

  • Accommodate staff vacations, illnesses and seasonal fluctuations
  • Provide gap coverage while searching for permanent physicians, NPs or PAs
  • Allow for CME events, medical leave and other absences
  • Expand services or implement new systems
  • Manage during turnover in group contracts
  • Screen potential permanent candidates on a trial basis

  • Locum Leaders will also help you eliminate the hassles and administrative costs associated with recruitment, payroll, employment taxes and benefits. Contact our locum staffing specialists today!


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